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Tsujita is a great noodle house that serves tsukemen. I’ve had the best tsukemen at Shokkan in Tokyo and have been coming to Tsujita whenever I miss it. They serve tsukemen and ramen during lunch  only so it gets pretty crowded.  Having been here before, I knew there would be a wait, so for this post, we decided to come right when they open and got seated immediately.

Here is what we ordered: Ajitama Tsukemen ($10.95), Char Siu Tsukemen ($13.95), Spicy Tuna Don ($3.99), and a glass of cold Kirin beer ($5) to go with the meal.  In case you’ve never had tsukemen before, here is a short description: Tsukemen is a dip-style ramen. The noodle and broth come separately and you simply dip the noodles in the soup to enjoy. The soup at Tsujita is tonkotsu (pork) broth which is simmered for 60 hours. One of my favorite things to eat is Ajitama (soft-cooked egg) and at Tsujita, it is always exceptionally cooked to perfection. The key to enjoying tsukemen is squeezing a piece of lime on the chewy hand-made noodles. I tell you, it makes a huge difference! The Spicy Tuna Don is tasty and totally worth the price.

Remember, it’s cash only.

P.S.: Tsujita Annex, a tiny sister restaurant that only serves ramen, recently opened across the street.  They’re open for lunch and dinner.

Address // 2057 Sawtelle Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90025 (map)
Neighborhood // West LA
Phone Number // (310) 231-7373
Website // http://tsujita-la.com



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