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I love noodles, especially, handmade noodles.

Recently, I had the pleasure of dining at a new noodle joint in town, Marugame Monzo in Little Tokyo. Even before visiting, there was a lot of hype from my friends and I’m glad to report that the food lived up to the hype.

They specialize in udon noodles and the menu is categorized into three different types of udon: hot, cold, and signature. We ordered the Mentai Squid Butter Udon ($12.95), Kitsune Udon ($7.95), and Dashimaki Tamago or Japanese Omelette ($5.95). I have to say the Mentai Squid Butter Udon was extraordinary. The noodle was cooked perfectly al dente, the squid pieces were nicely buttered, and the mentaiko (marinated roe of pollock or cod) was well-flavored. The Kitsune Udon was also delicious. For me, when it comes to hot udon or any hot noodles in general, the flavor of broth is essential. The broth of kitsune was good and not overpowering. The dashimaki tamago was just okay but a good side dish to have in addition to our noodles.

Try to get seats at the bar where you can look through the glass and watch live noodle making as you dine. The interior is clean, modern, and zen. They pretty much kept the decor from the previous restaurant, which makes sense since it was another Japanese restaurant.

Address // 329 E 1st St Los Angeles, CA 90012 (map)
Neighborhood // Little Tokyo
Phone Number // (213) 346-9762


2 comments on “Marugame Monzo

  1. I just tried it tonite and really enjoyed their uni cream udon. A bit heavy but the noodles were divine! I want to return and try other items. I recommend their braised pork belly.

    Sarah on
    • i LOVE their handmade udon noodles! yes, i noticed their cream based noodles (uni cream, gratin, miso carbonara) are on the heavier side but i’m glad you enjoyed it overall :)

      julie on

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